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  • Sugar-Free Refreshments
  • Vitamin Enhanced Waters
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Featured Products:

Active Wellness®

Dispensed Thickened Beverages

Nectar and Honey for residents with dysphagia. Imperial's state-of-the-art system dispenses thickened water, plus a variety of additional products in Nectar and/or Honey to expand menu variety, reduce costs, and simplify inventory management.

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Nutritionally Fortified Beverages

  • Wellness Proactive Level
    60 mg Dietary Fiber, 60 mg Calcium, 75 IU Vitamin D3, and 60 mg Vitamin C per 6 oz. serving.
  • Hi-Fiber Specialty Level 
    1000 mg Dietary Fiber per oz. finished drink
  • EZ-Fiber Specialty Level
    500 mg Dietary Fiber per oz. finished drink
  • HI-Calcium Specialty Level
    100 mg Calcium per 8 oz. serving
  • Immuno-Cran Specialty Level
    750 mg Immune enhancer, 600 mg dietary fiber and 200% DV vitamin C per 8 oz. serving

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