Ready-To-Use Flavored Pudding-Thick Bases

Designed for purée preparation, liquid hydration and more.

IDDS Level 4 Extremely Thick

Purée-Aid is a pre-hydrated IDDSI Level 4 product that provides on-demand, reliably thickened liquids for hydration, plus the desired consistency for purées and other texture modified foods in accordance with the IDDSI framework.

Purée-Aid incorporates flavor, moisture, reliable thickness, smooth consistency and nutritional value, all in one easy step!

  • Blend with fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein and grains.
  • Serve as a drink, dessert or side-dish for menu variety.
  • Combine with other ingredients to achieve specific flavor, texture, and thickness objectives.
  • Recipes are provided to support menu development.

Choose from 4 flavors to compliment any cuisine:

  • Bouillon
  • Herb Butter
  • Sweet Apple
  • Lemon Twist


  • One ingredient to provide thickness, moisture and flavor.
  • Simplifies recipes to reduce labor and errors.
  • Pre-thickened for convenience and safety.
  • Promotes fresh cooking over prepackaged meals.

Purée-Aid comes packaged in a wide-mouth one gallon container for easy portioning and includes two pails per case.

(PDF) Purée-Aid Product Sheet

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